Entry #1

I have a website!

2015-08-11 21:29:25 by BrandonP

Check this art and writing portfolio of mine over at The Brandon Zone! I designed it for an online web design class I took this summer, but then I decided to upload it for the whole Internet to see. Check it out if you like dinosaurs and sexy ladies!

UPDATE: Sorry, I let that site go due to cost of upkeep. You can still find me on Wordpress though.


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2016-03-28 01:45:45

Just wanted to drop by and say that you are really underappreciated as an artist. I see the level of work you put into your drawings and attention to detail. The reason why you are probably not getting the attention you deserve is because you are pretty specialized into what you are interested in drawing. I like what you draw, the ancient tribal/Egyptian aesthetic is great.

BrandonP responds:

Thank you. Yeah, I do have a small number of intense passions that aren't shared by anyone. I could branch out, but I'm glad to see someone here appreciate what I do.